Welcome to Student Congress!

Links to the Finance Portal and the Treasure’s Test were sent to all student organizations back in November via Student Life. Please check your organization’s Student Life account for these links or visit congress.unc.edu/money. Please refer any questions about the Finance Portal or the Treasurer’s Test to our Finance Chair, Josh Aristy at aristy@live.unc.edu

Student Congress is the legislative branch of UNC Student Government. We handle funding requests for student organizations, maintain the Student Government Code (the rules by which Student Government operates), and respond to requests for help from students in a broad range of issues regarding student life at UNC. Every member of the student body has representation in Student Congress.


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*We are currently in the process of resolving technical issues with our website and will update the information presented on our website as soon as possible. In the meantime we are as committed as ever to ensuring that the minutes from our meetings and all other public content is as accessible as possible. Until we can resume posting our minutes online, if you would like a copy of our minutes from a specific meeting or would like to subscribe to automatically receive minutes from our weekly meetings, please email Speaker Hardy at ihardy@live.unc.edu. Thank you for your patience!