Congressional Staff

We are now accepting applications for legislative assistants for the 98th session of Student Congress.

Legislative Assistant Application

  • What residence hall are you in? If Off-Campus just say Off-Campus.
  • What would you hope to get out of this position?
  • Do you have any campus policy interests you are particularly interested in?
  • Please check any box that you might have a particular interest in. These are not all the issues we will deal with, nor do you have to have interest in these fields specifically. Rather, these are areas we know we will be working with specific groups or on specific topics.
  • Every Congress meeting requires someone to take minutes. In addition to working with Congress leaders, would you be willing to come to some meetings and take minutes?


The Clerks of Student Congress are responsible for updating and maintaining Congressional records, the Student Code, and taking minutes of meetings of the Student Congress. The Clerks are appointed by the Speaker and paid an hourly wage.

The Parliamentarian is responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of all parts of the Standing Rules and Student Code and making rulings when points and questions of parliamentary procedure are raised.

Name Position Email Major
Bobby Conder Clerk Economics, Political Science
Vacant Clerk
Rashaan Ayesh Parliamentarian Media & Journalism
Ben Mackie Webmaster Information Science, Political Science