Ethics Committee

The official duties of the Ethics Committee are outlined in the Student Code, Title II, Chapter 4, Article II, Section 413. In summary, the committee is tasked with ensuring that members of Congress are in compliance with all eligibility regulations and that representatives fulfill their roles as delegates of the Student Body. Examples of Ethics investigations may include a representative who mistakenly voted in favor of the Consent Calendar when an organization in which she holds membership is on the docket or a representative who has failed to attend his committee meetings multiple times in a row.

There are no ongoing Ethics investigations in the 98th Student Congress.

The Ethics Committee is chaired by Rep. Katharine Shriver (1 – North Campus) and consists of an additional two members (Representative Prachitch and Representative Elkins).

This google document shows the attendance record of the representatives for the 2017 Spring semester. Each representative is allowed 2 unexcused absences and 3 excused absences before coming before the ethics committee for attendance violation. All questions can be directed towards Katharine Shriver at

This document below lists all the organizations representatives are involved in and how they reach out to their consistency.