Oversight & Advocacy

The official duties of the Oversight & Advocacy Committee are outlined in the Student Code, Title II, Chapter 4, Article II, Section 412. Employing the principle of “trust but verify,” the Oversight & Advocacy Committee (O&A) is responsible for ensuring that student fee monies are spent efficiently and effectively. The committee also holds regular meeting with the Speaker’s external appointments to the various fee-distributing committees on campus. The O&A Committee is also empowered to recommend changes to the Student Activity Fee and investigate all other student fees to ensure that they are spent in such a way as to provide maximum benefit to students.

The Oversight & Advocacy Committee is chaired by Rep. Sarah Hudak (1 – North Campus). Six additional representatives sit on the committee, in addition to the Speaker and Speaker Pro-Tempore who serve as ex-officio members. The committee meets on alternating Tuesdays at 6:00pm.