Congressional Leadership


From the Student Constitution, Article I (Legislative), Section 9 (Officers of the Student Congress):

“The Congress shall elect from its membership a Speaker and other officers, as it shall determine.”

Student Congress is led by the Speaker, Speaker Pro-Tempore, Standing Committee Chairs, Select Committee Chairs, and Committee Vice Chairs.

Speaker’s Office

Office Name Email District Studies
Speaker Cole Simons 7 (Off Campus) Peace, War and Defense & Public Policy
Speaker Pro-Tempore Chase  McConnachie 7 (Off Campus) Management and Society

Standing Committee Chairs

Committee Chaired Name Email District Studies
Finance Benjamin  Albert  6 (Greek Housing)  Business and Economics
Rules & Judiciary Phillip Jester 7 (Off-Campus)  Political Science and Economics
Oversight & Advocacy Sarah Hudak  1 (North Campus) Environmental Science
Ethics Katharine Shriver 1 (North Campus) Political Science and Public Policy

Select Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs Name Email District Studies
Academics  Kennith Echeverria  3 (South Campus West) Biology and Political Science
Campus Climate  Briana Martin  8 (Apartment Housing)
Campus Development Phillip Jester  7 (Off-Campus)  Political Science and Economics
Health  Kirsten Wiedbusch  7 (Off-Campus)  Biology

Standing Committee Vice Chairs

Committee Name Email District Studies
Finance Aidan Hennessy 1 (North Campus)
Rules & Judiciary Chris Lee Brenes 7 (Off-Campus) Computer Science & Economics
Oversight & Advocacy Olivia Elkins  7 (Off-Campus) Peace, War, and Defense & English