District 7 – Off Campus

District seven consists of ten representatives of undergraduates not living in campus housing, in Granville Towers, or in Greek Housing.

Name Email Committee Studies
Dale Bass dbass44@live.unc.edu Speaker Pro-Tempore Political Science & Russian
David Belk dibelk@live.unc.edu Oversight & Advocacy Management and Society & History
Olivia Elkins oelkins@live.unc.edu Rules & Judiciary Peace, War and Defense & English
Mitchell Jester mjester@live.unc.edu Rules & Judiciary Psychology
David Joyner dbjoyner@live.unc.edu Speaker Political Science & English
Basil Kazi kazi@live.unc.edu Rules & Judiciary Business Administration
Hamilton Merrill hmerrill@live.unc.edu Business Administration & Public Policy
Cole Simons wsimons@live.unc.edu Oversight & Advocacy Public Policy & Peace, War and Defense

There is currently one vacant seat in the District Seven delegation.